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1. What should I do if I would like to visit the HKBM?

HKBM: Please book on our website at least one day in advance:


2. Will there be guides during my visit?

HKBM: Yes, some guides will briefly introduce the museum and specimens to you and do some demonstrations with a microscope. You are very welcome to interact with them and ask questions.


3. Can I walk-in to visit if I don’t need a guided tour?

HKBM: Sorry, we have crowd control at the museum. Please book in advance even though you don’t need a tour.


4. Can I bring my kids?

HKBM: Yes, of course! Kids are welcome. There is no age limit but children of 4 years old and above may have a better appreciation of the specimens presented. Parents are responsible for the behaviour of their children. 


5. Can I book other days?

HKBM: Sorry, this is not possible to open our museum on other days for the moment as we are only a very small team and can only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays at this stage. We hope that with further support in the future, we may be able to offer more booking options.


6. Can I book in a group?

HKBM: Yes, please choose your participant number during your registration, 4 people at maximum. If there is no option to choose, that means there’s only one quota left. If you would like to revise the participant number, please reply to the confirmation email and try to ask for the revision after your booking is completed. The HKBM staff will see if some spaces are available. However, extra spaces are not guaranteed in this case.


7. When will new booking sessions be released?

HKBM: We will release new sessions every two weeks. For the exact date and time, please refer to our posts on social media platforms. You are welcome to change the following setting of our Facebook page to be “Favourites” and enable notifications of our posts, so that you can get our updates immediately.


If you don’t grab your space this time, don’t worry, you will have chances in the future. Please wait with patience. A waiting list is also set in case of last minute cancellations to offer you a chance to visit us.


8. I didn’t receive the confirmation email after my booking was completed. What should I do?

HKBM: Please check your junk mail. If you still can’t find the confirmation email, just inbox or email us.


9. Why can't I choose any date on the booking system?

HKBM: Due to the overwhelming responses, the sessions are sometimes fully booked very swiftly. We will release the new sessions every two weeks. Please stay tuned to our updates on social media, website or other platforms. Sorry for the inconvenience brought and thank you for your understanding.

10. The sessions I would like to book are full, what should I do?

HKBM: We’ve set up the waitlist system at the Spaces by Wix App. If you are keen to visit us at particular sessions, you can reserve a waitlist quota through the App (ONE quota at each session for each account). 


Once there are cancellations, the App will automatically inform you to grab the chance, but there is no guarantee. Or you are always welcome to book again in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience brought. 


If you successfully book a visit from the waitlist, please note that there is only one vacancy. If you would like to revise the participant number, please contact us after your successful booking. 


11. I was requested to input the Invite Code when I’m logging in the Spaces by Wix App. What is the Invite Code?

HKBM: The Invite Code of the HKBM community is RTFQRS.


12. How to get to HKBM?

HKBM: HKBM is located at Room 2S-18, 2/F, of the Kadoorie Biological Sciences Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pok Fu Lam Road, Hong Kong (near Exit A1 of HKU MTR station). Please click the below link for detailed instructions:


13. Are there parking lots nearby?

HKBM: There are car parks at the HKU campus: However, it charges and sometimes it's difficult to find a space. We can't guarantee a parking space for you.


We advise you to take public transport. Our museum is located in the Kadoorie Biological Sciences Building, which is very close to the HKU MTR station and some bus stops on Pok Fu Lam Road. You can click here for the guidelines of how to get to our museum.


Finally, thank you very much to our past and future visitors. We are excited to see the response of the public to our museum opening and hope to welcome as many of you as we can. 


We would also ask for the people who booked a visit to the museum to let us know as soon as possible if they can not attend, so we could release this time for other visitors. Thank you for your understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions of Booking Visits

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