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Private Group Visits

HKBM provide private tour for schools, organizations and companies, creating bridges between biodiversity and communities. 

Museum Tour

Introducing the background of HKBM and specimen preservation mehtod

Microscope Workshop

Exploring biodiversity in an unprecedented angle through the lens of microscope

Biodiversity Knowledge

Connecting you and biodiversity through scientific stories provided by professionals

Details for Each Session


Duration:          45 mins - 1 hour
Day:                  Every Tue, Thu & Fri
Time:                11am to 4pm

Number of
Participants:     10 - 20 people
Format:             25 minutes tour included
                          (can be custom made)
Charge:            Free for schools & 
                          non-profit organizations

For application, please send the below information to 

2 weeks prior to proposed date

  1. Name of organization

  2. Total number of participants

  3. Date and time preference

  4. Language preference

  5. Emergency contact number

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